366 Stories: 2016 edition | Greensburg Photographer / by Andrea Moffatt

Happy New Year! For most people, January 1st is a day of turning over a new leaf, making lists of resolutions, and planning for the year to come. But for many photographers, January 1st is like being issued a new creative license. A new year, a new project. After completing a 365 that stretched my shooting abilities in so many ways, I'm ready to start again with updated goals.


Artistic Goals for 2016:

  • to take risks in composition and execution (envisioning, technique, lens choice, post-processing)
  • shoot more macro and still life photography just for me, just because it's beautiful


Technical Goals for 2016:

  • learn on and off camera flash
  • learn how to shoot film; loose goal = 1 roll of film per month
  • master exposure in very low light 
  • experiment with other types of supplemental light besides flash

Here's to a whole new year full of learning and creating! Cheers!