Photography Mentoring

“When you learn, teach, when you get, give.” - Maya Angelou

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Looking for a mentor who is a good fit for you? It is imperative that you choose someone you meld well with and who has the qualities and areas of specialty you need in a teacher. So read on, because I may (or may not) be your gal! 


My background and qualifications:

I have my BS Early Childhood and Elementary Education from Penn State University and my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction (Children's Literature). After teaching first and second grade for 8 years, I decided to stay home with my new baby, and that's when I began my photography journey.

I have been shooting and learning since 2010. I began my part-time family photography business, Little Story Studio, in 2012. Currently, I shoot a limited number of family & event documentary sessions. Since 2014, I've taught more than 100 local moms how to capture memories with their DSLRs and phones through my two, in-person Mom's Story workshops.

My writing and/or images have been featured on various blogs (Fearless and Framed, Click, Clickinmoms, Snap Love Grow, Snap Maven, and others), published in the Summer 2017 edition of Click Magazine, and was a 2016 Voice Finalist. I've been an Offset Artist for 2 years. After achieving Click Pro in late 2015, I was recruited by Clickinmoms to write and teach a breakout for them, called The Stories that Make Us. I was named one of the 100 Photographers to Watch in 2017 by Click & Company.  I am currently working on more educational material for Click & Company. (TBA!)   


My strengths: 

  • Composition feedback and coaching
  • Moment-based, unposed storytelling photography (anywhere in the lifestyle through documentary continuum) 
  • Low light and indoor photography 
  • Light seeking and how to use a wide variety of natural and available light
  • Finding your voice, style, and themes in your work 
  • Beginning video and video fusion movies (I work on a mac in imovie.) 
  • Lightroom Editing

My weaknesses: 

  • Business coaching
  • Posing/Formal Portraits
  • Photoshop
  • Landscape/macro
  • OCF and studio lighting


  • Reading- fiction, nonfiction, poetry and especially children's and YA literature. I'd give JK Rowling ALL my $ if she would write more Harry books.
  • Gardening in the spring. I lose interest every summer. 
  • Twinkle lights wherever I can squeeze a strand.
  • Ice cream, coffee, pickles, chocolate, and wine with friends.
  • Christmas!

So there you have it! If you think we would be a good match and if my strengths match up your needs, we should chat! Check out my ideas for how I can help you below. Then fill out the form at the bottom of the page so that we can connect! 


I can be your (Metaphorical) Travel Buddy, Straight Talker, or Palm Reader.

How can I help you move forward on Your beautiful & Unique journey?


TRAVEL BUDDY | $300-$900 |

Have a goal? I'll be your (metaphorical) travel buddy! You take the wheel, I'll ride and help you navigate. Whether you are preparing to enter your art in a show or prepping to apply to a professional association, like Click Pro, I'll be your sounding board, gentle nudger, or sharp prodder- whatever you need to help you get there! 

Travel Buddy for The Long Haul (6 months)  |$900|

  • 24 weekly email or private message check-ins*
  • 3 face to face Skype or Join-Me chats, up to an hour each.  

Travel Buddy for a Short Jaunt (6 weeks) |$300| 

  • 5 weekly email or private message check-ins*
  • 1 initial face to face Skype or Join-Me video chat, up to an hour.

* Check-ins will be based on 1-3 goals that we determine during the first virtual, face to face chat. They can include image or portfolio feedback, editing advice, discussion/trouble shooting, or any of the areas within my strengths, above. 

International students' video chats may look differently, depending on technology constraints.  (Facetime, Skype, or live Facebook chat) 



Do you need someone to just give it to you straight?

You submit your portfolio as well as where you hope to be in a year. I'll spend up to an hour reviewing your work and making notes on my own, and then provide a one hour live critique session in which I give you the honest feedback you've been craving, as well as action steps to help you reach your goal + time for back and forth discussion. And you get to keep the notes!



PALM READER | $150 | 

Well, not really. ;-) But what if I told you that by carefully examining your images I can help you make sense of your voice as an artist? Your images reveal more about style than you ever knew. I'll show you what I see, and then help point you in a logical direction. 

I'll examine your portfolio for an hour by myself and then chat with you live for up to an hour on topics such as: patterns in your work, emerging themes, emerging style, and possible future direction based on what I see. 



How Can I help You?

Filling out this form does not commit you to a mentor session. It just allows us to chat more to see if we would make a good fit. :-)

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