Mom's Story (DSLR) Photography Workshop

"To anyone who wants to learn to use their cameras better (in an easy to understand way), wants to capture the amazing and mundane with their kids, and wants the photos feel as special as the moments are....I can't recommend the class (or gifted/amazingly talented teacher/photographer/person ) enough!"  - Deb P.

It’s a couple months before the baby is born and you decide that a “nice camera” is a must-have. You want to capture every precious moment and you want to do it beautifully- without the whited-out faces and red eyes, and if you’re lucky maybe with that creamy out-of-focus background of which you know your camera is capable.  You envision your hallway lined with family photos- not with studio portraits, but with moments. First sandcastle, first popsicle, first bath. Then, life happens. Sand in the diaper, sticky drippy popsicles, baths, baths, and more baths… and you flick your camera onto AUTO mode. Where it stays. Permanently. 


If you are already capturing these moments and are happy with your results, this class is not for you.  However, if you’re a busy mom who wishes she could get more out of her camera (crisper images, a sparkle in the eyes, that coveted “blurry” background), but you don’t have the time or the patience to decipher your manual or the jungle of books and online resources there to help, then this 2 hour workshop may be just the thing to jump-start your journey. 


Learn to use a powerful tool you already own to tell the story of your life as it is right now. Don’t miss another precious moment. Professional, studio prints have their place on your wall, but who will capture the stories? No photographer is going to follow you around for these intimate moments, in all their sandy, sticky, soapy glory— they are woven seamlessly into your family’s story.  They are yours, and yours alone to tell. 


$45 per participant



Pick a night, gather some girlfriends, grab some snacks, and clear off your dining room table or living room couch. Host a Mom's Story party and invite up to 5 other camera-toting moms. Tupperware party format but with one fixed price per participant. No other fees, costs, or sales pitches. Just some ladies, their cameras, and lots of chocolate. (Er, whatever snacks you like!) Pick this option if you have lots of photography-minded friends... or if you just want to sneak a glass of wine during the workshop.

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Add your name and email to my rolling coffeeshop workshop list. When I have enough participants to run a group on my list, I will email the group and we'll try to pick a date that works for everyone. Pick this option if you love coffee, cookies, and getting out of the house right around the bedtime hour. ;-) 

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