Mom's Story Phone Photography Workshop

They say the best camera is the one you have with you. And when you’re navigating a crowded venue, balancing the diaper bag, a toddler, two ice cream cones, and a busy 4 year old, most moms would be crazy to add on top of it all, a large, expensive camera. Our camera phones fit in our pockets and follow us absolutely everywhere, meaning that there are very few events in our child’s life where the camera phone is not present. For birthday parties, Disney trips, and Easter shots, we usually feel compelled to dig out the big DSLR. But what about the impromptu first time on the potty, the unexpected moment a butterfly lands on your child’s shoulder, or a giggle-fest during nighttime stories? These are the moments- arguably our most treasured- that will be gone if we leave to grab the camera.


In broad daylight, smartphone cameras can easily stand up to the picture quality of a point and shoot camera. In well-lit conditions, they can even perform at the same level of detail as many consumer level DSLR cameras. In low light, phone cameras struggle, but there are many tips and tricks for overcoming their weak points. If all this is true, you have - in your back pocket- a tool capable of capturing all those small, precious moments in a beautiful, artistic way! 


In my Mom’s Story Phone Photography Workshop (sister class to Mom’s Story DSLR Photography Workshop), you will learn how get the best pictures out of your smartphone. You’ll learn how to take full advantage of the available light- indoors and outdoors- to capture photos that tell your story. You’ll also learn how to use the art of composition to frame your shot well and then how to use apps to edit and polish your shot. Finally, you'll be inspired to get those little gems OFF your device and into your life! You will go home with lots of creative, easy, and quick printing solutions.

$30 per participant

how it works...


Pick a night, recruit up to 10 friends who are interested in learning to take better pictures with their smartphones, and make some room for a group in your home! Tupperware party format, but with one fixed price per participant. No other fees, costs, or sales pitches. Just some friends who are sick of blurry, grainy shots of important memories in their lives (and maybe a few who are just there for the food- I'm fine with that!).

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