STORY OF A DAY (2-3 Hours)

Finally a photography session that lets you PRESS PAUSE on the present. 

You choose the precious moments you want to document. Perhaps it's the kids and their bedhead waking up on a Saturday morning, playing, cuddling, and eating breakfast together. Or maybe your family dinner, dress up time, stories, bath, and bed. I'll work with you to pick the perfect time document.

These unposed, day-in-the-life style Family Documentary sessions are designed for the client who seeks unique, artistic storytelling images of life. The storytelling session is designed to provide you with a gallery of images that shows your Story as it is right now. Playing, working, eating, bath time-- whatever it is that you wish you could bottle up forever.

See and read more about Family Documentary Photography here.


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Mostly unposed, candid images + a few posed pictures for your wall or Christmas card = The Family Portrait Session

Clients often describe a session with me as part play date, part photoshoot.  In addition to traditional full family shots and single child close-ups, the session will include whatever activity(s) make your child giggle and feel right at home. Bring a toy, bubbles, balloons, dress-up clothes, or bike. Meet me at the playground, park, main street, museum, university, or your own backyard. The sky really is the limit when it comes to making images that really show your family's spark.

See the range and types of images you get when you book at Family Portrait Session.


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Enjoy a slow-paced, laid back, and flexible shoot that allows plenty of time for outfit changes, feedings, and diaper changes. If you wish, include other immediate family members in a portion of the shots.

Babies do not need to be brand new to have their story told by me. Because of the unposed nature of my style, 2 months to 3 months old allows me to authentically capture what you will someday know as your child's unique personality. 

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Little Story's event documentaries stand out because of my photo journalistic approach. While I'd be happy to capture some posed photos of your guests, my ability to capture candid, unposed images of event as it unfolds is my specialty. Enjoy your event while I capture all the details you worked so hard to plan, as well as so many little moments that are sure to make you smile. 

I will capture family gatherings and reunions, images preceding special occasions (like prom, graduation, & first communion), wedding ceremonies, and community events. Little Story currently does not cover full day weddings. Watch this video of a family brunch, held for the purpose of inviting Little Story Studio and so that they would have memories in pictures forever.

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BIRTHDAY STORY (1-2 hours)

You choose what parts of the birthday party you would like documented, and I'll photograph every moment and little detail. Not only do I try to capture your special day, but I really work to let the soul of the Birthday Girl or Boy shine through the resulting images. My pictures show what makes them special on this moment in time: favorite things, personality, friends, and lovable quirks. 

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