Picture Your Summer Nights Session / by Andrea Moffatt

As you may have heard, throughout the months of May, June, and July, Little Story Studio will be telling your Summer Nights stories! I can't wait to see how your family spend their time together during the "slow season".


Before you contact me to book your session though, you might want to give a little thought as to what YOUR family's Summer Nights story might be. No two are alike. If you need some ideas, you've come to the right place!

If you had to write the story of your family's Summer Nights, how would it go? 

If your kids are little, perhaps it starts with bubbles and balls, followed with a popsicle, and then maybe a necessary bath. If your kids are school age, maybe your summer evenings are filled with hide and seek and firefly catching. And if they are all grown, maybe your family just chills around the fire pit with snacks and drinks. 

None of the above fit your style? Here's some more story starters for you:

  • sparklers
  • slip and slide
  • whiffle ball
  • ice cream
  • frisbee
  • a walk
  • dinner on the patio
  • sprinkler play
  • ______?


The following video has three family's Summer Nights stories from 2015, and while you're watching, keep in mind that I shot at each house for only one hour! Look at how much goodness you can squeeze into one hour of outdoor fun! 

The sky really is the limit! If you still need help with your story, just email me and we'll chat. My goal is help you best encapsulate this time in your life, through the lens of summer. 

Ready to book?