Favorite Client Images, 2015 | Greensburg Photographer / by Andrea Moffatt

What a year it's been! I've had the privilege of shooting so many fantastic sessions- a great mix of old and new clients, on-location and in-home sessions, portrait and documentary, and even a few seniors. Thank you for letting me tell your little stories this year. 

It was not at all easy to compile these favorite images, but I finally edited the list down to these 24 images, all full of love and emotion. It was fun to go back through the year and choose images based on the photographer I've become. Many were instant faves. (As in, the moment I clicked I knew I was in love.) But there are some in this post that I never identified as a favorite until now! They were all chosen because of the story they tell, the way they make me feel, or the way they feel like Art. I'm so blessed to have found clients who are happy to let me experiment and be artistic, as well as capture beautiful portraits of their families. 

Enjoy this collection! Maybe your image will be among the favorites of 2016!