Greensburg PA Photographer | Winter Macro Photo Walk / by Andrea Moffatt

January and February are definitely the hardest months of the year for most of us 365ers. We've passed the glowing lights and warmth of December, but we're not quite to the return of the light in March. It's dark, dark, dark and often dreary with very little hope of pretty snow to cover it all. 

When I'm met with a challenge in my daily shooting, I often get through it by, well- issuing myself a new challenge! Often just narrowing my choice of lens or subject or zeroing in on one skill helps me push through the hard parts. And February is definitely a hard part! 

So this month, I am challenging myself to shoot 29 No-People images. As usual, I'm not making too many restrictions- I can still photograph my kids, of course. But at the end, I'd like to have a set of 29 favorite images, all with no people in the frame. I'm hoping that this will help me work on my macro photography, composition, and still life. 

To kick it off, my friend Sue of Sue Keller Photography and I went on a winter photo walk! I think at first we were both looking at the drab colorless landscape thinking we might not find much of anything to photograph. There was NO color anywhere- just lots of mud and dead branches and yellowish grass. But with a closer look, we actually found a lot of beauty (and color!) hidden in winter's canvas. It makes me hopeful! If we could find all this beauty on a gray, dreary February day, I wonder what else will come in the remaining 28 days. To be continued!