February Daily Stories / by Andrea Moffatt

Let's face it- photographers and February usually just don't mix (especially where I live). It's a fragile time for those doing a new 365 project: every day it's touch and go, trying to just make one good picture while being light-starved and inundated by brown, gray, and more brown. In Februrarys with little to no snow, it's even worse. There is no pretty cover for all that mud and dead plants. No bright white light entering the windows or chance of snow day inspiration. It's all as dreary as it sounds...


there's this:

All those saturated colors hiding in the most surprising places. (Hello, cheery yellow puke bucket!) And the chance to draw out life even when everything around us seems to be in a suspended state of hibernation.

And then there are those tiny miracles. Like a short visit from Winter that you never thought you'd see.

Followed by an unprecedented sneak peek from Spring herself. 

Vitality hides in all the most unexpected places. And sometimes, the greater the search, the greater the reward.