Give Your Child a Time Capsule / by Andrea Moffatt

Imagine being the age you are now and having in your possession, the full story of your first birthday party, including your close extended family, with less wrinkles and several decades younger. 

Imagine seeing the way your parents looked at you. The way your grandma planted a kiss on your chubby cheek. Your uncle, decades younger, playing peekaboo with you or laughing in the corner with your late grandfather.

Imagine getting to take a good look around your very first home- some familiar furniture, not yet broken in.

I mean, just writing this I'm daydreaming about what I might uncover about my earliest self and my family, if I could only sneak a little glimpse into the past. 

I may never have the chance, but I know a lucky little girl who someday will! She already has a large, doting, and attentive family. But on top of that, she will always have this little time capsule of herself and her world in her very first year. 

Happy birthday, baby girl! May you enjoy a lifetime of this warmth and love!