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My Favorite November Stories by Andrea Moffatt

I fell off of the daily shooting wagon many days this November. I almost didn't share any images, but when I looked back at November as a whole, I still found lots of pockets of beauty. Many days I have no pictures I like, but many days I have several. I showed myself some grace and put together a set of images I'm proud of, even though they aren't as evenly spread out as usual.

Please accept a gentle reminder to do the same for yourself here and there too. Whether your hobby is photography, painting, writing, or other, remember to celebrate all your small wins.... even if you were hoping for more! Be proud of what you made, and then begin again!

My Little October Stories by Andrea Moffatt

Hi everyone! Long time, no post. I apologize for my silence. I've been working on another project (TBA!) and haven't devoted any time to my poor blog or ignored Facebook page or abandoned Instagram account. In order to make amends, I thought I would post my October favorites. I was inspired by my friend Mariah's beautiful post. Seeing all of her October images in one place reminded me that sometimes taking the time to present our best work in one place can help us SEE our work, our lives... everything!...  with a little more clarity and gratefulness.

And what of our October? We had our first loose teeth and our first lost teeth. We still had lots of unexpectedly warm days to enjoy playing with neighbors and friends. We spent Saturday mornings on the soccer fields. Did the pumpkin thing, the corn maze thing, the hayride thing. And ended the month in candy heaven. It's good to be a kid, isn't it?


Little Story Captures Your Family's Milestones by Andrea Moffatt

Real life is brimming with moments worthy of being captured and held close. But most of us rarely oblige. The annual smiling family photos line up on the living room wall, marking evidence of a full year's growth between each one. Portraits that prove there were birthdays celebrated, braces removed, babies turned toddlers. But images of those milestones? They are what's missing. When it comes to retelling the stories of the year past, we've only our memories on which to rely.

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April Storytellers Blog Circle | Waiting for the Moment by Andrea Moffatt

My son was busy saving the world in his favorite costume the other day, but he couldn't find the cape. Of course, everything had to stop while he located the exact one that came with the costume. (Absolutely no substitutions acceptable!) I had been taking pictures of him jumping off of things- a staple in our house- so I already had my camera as I followed him up to his room to look for the cape. He was pretty sure it was at the very bottom of a big tupperware toy tub (where else?), so he started digging and taking toys out amassing a bigger and bigger pile as he searched.

While he looked, I thought about how I could use the very low, back light in his room.

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365 Stories | March 2017 by Andrea Moffatt

I spent so much of March chained to my computer working on my upcoming Click Photo School breakout, that I didn't even notice how beautiful life was this month until I put this post together. Makes me a little sad that my attention was divided, but none of us are perfect and the best we can do is march on, with open hearts and eyes! So here's to living in the moment, and here's to APRIL! 

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March Storytellers Blog Circle | Framing using Layers by Andrea Moffatt

I shot this image today, on one of the first warm days of 2017! Everyone wanted to get outside and so we went over to visit Mimi and Pap we schlepped out allllll the toys. Everyone was playing with different things at the same time. (Isn't that what happens at your house when the weather breaks and all the kids and adults shed their winter bonds?)

Of course, because everyone was playing with different toys at the same time, I have a camera card full of one child flying a kit, one launching a helicopter with pap, etc... A while it's nice to have images of these memories, in the end, I like to pick one image for my 365 project (and eventually for printing). Because I know one image will be printed, I prefer to choose the one I feel will best help me hold onto the essence of the day. Today, this was the image I chose because it captured a few stories at once.

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Give Your Child a Time Capsule by Andrea Moffatt

Imagine being the age you are now and having in your possession, the full story of your first birthday party, including your close extended family, with less wrinkles and several decades younger. 

Imagine seeing the way your parents looked at you. The way your grandma planted a kiss on your chubby cheek. Your uncle, decades younger, playing peekaboo with you or laughing in the corner with your late grandfather.

Imagine getting to take a good look around your very first home- some familiar furniture, not yet broken in.

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Storytellers Blog Circle | January 2017 by Andrea Moffatt

I'd been trying to get a nice picture of my son sleeping for a while. He is right on the edge of growing into his big boy face. Soon there will be no more of those sweet baby cheeks. I was on a time crunch. I was on a mission.

The problem I was facing was the light source. When you photograph a sleeping child, you usually need to add a little light to the scene (unless, of course, your child needs lots of light to sleep already).

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Personal Bests of 2016 by Andrea Moffatt

2016 is coming to a close, and all over social media it's getting pretty grim reviews and hearty good-riddances. I acknowledge that, for the world as a whole, 2016 pretty much stunk. But if I tried to shoulder all the hate and killings and bickering, I'd be a shadow of myself. So I choose to stay informed, speak out when I feel it matters, and focus on raising two little boys who will someday face the world with love, understanding, and bravery. 

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'Tis the Season to Use Light Creatively by Andrea Moffatt

Only a couple week until the Winter Solstice, and you know what that means! Time to put away your camera till spring? No way! Time to get creative with your indoor light sources. 

If you were stranded in Alaska during the winter with only your camera, could you survive? Ask yourself, how can I become an indoor photography survivor like Kristina? What light sources could I take advantage of this winter?

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Storytellers Blog Circle: September Edition by Andrea Moffatt

I shot this image at my father in law's birthday celebration a few weeks ago. The goal was to get a shot of the way the three little ones "help" with the birthday candle tradition. I'm always drawn to photographing the things in my kids' childhoods that are becoming traditions and/or things they'll certainly remember when they grow up and have kids of their own. And I'm pretty sure this is one of them, because I remember sitting on laps and offering my expert assistance to my own aunts, uncles, and grandparents... perhaps more than blowing out my own! 

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A Trip Down Memory Lane by Andrea Moffatt

I opened the "doors" to Little Story Studio in 2012, but it wasn't until the second part of 2014 that I found my niche documenting family life. The very first session I shot in this fly-on-the-wall style was that of my good friends, Carolyn and Justin. They were totally open to letting me come to their house and follow them around for the evening. At the time, I didn't even have the correct gear, and some of the low light pictures could be technically better. But their session still gives me the feels when I watch it back. 

That got me thinking-- if my eyes well up with tears watching this old video, what do my friends feel and think when THEY watch it back? So, I asked! 

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