Personal Bests of 2016 / by Andrea Moffatt

2016 is coming to a close, and all over social media it's getting pretty grim reviews and hearty good-riddances. I acknowledge that, for the world as a whole, 2016 pretty much stunk. But if I tried to shoulder all the hate and killings and bickering, I'd be a shadow of myself. So I choose to stay informed, speak out when I feel it matters, and focus on raising two little boys who will someday face the world with love, understanding, and bravery. 

In our little corner of the world, this is what we chose in 2016: sunlit scooter rides, cozy indoor play, and small, world-expanding encounters, just the right size for two boys, aged 3 and 5.

Out of the thousands and thousands of images I shot in 2016, I chose these for the feeling I get when I look at them. In a year filled with laughter and tears, I've stacked the deck with happy memories, but for that, I'm unapologetic. I'm the one who gets to choose my story. I I look forward to inviting more of the same into our lives in 2017!