Snow and Cookies: Pittsburgh Family Photographer / by Andrea Moffatt

Today I was in my glory! It was going to be a baking day, but then miracle of miracles, it snowed! And not just any snow, but the sticky kind that coats every. single. branch. Not to mention, it was the first real snow of the season, and that comes with it's own magic.

In the way a sunny cloudless summer day refreshes some, days like today revive me. And when I'm feeling gratitude, I always reach for my camera. 

Here are some of my favorites from the day:

(Image details at the end.)

Today was my Lensbaby Edge 50's first snow. It was really the perfect match. All the pictures of snow landscapes were taken from my back porch deck with that lens. (Didn't even need to take my slippers off!) They are all manually focused of course, but you can see that on some of them, I was experimenting with focusing on the snow instead of the trees behind them. 

The cookie pictures were taken using a very shallow depth of field (around f/1.8) on my 35mm.

And the playing in the snow pictures were all taken from in the house (again, I didn't want to take off my slippers) using my 24mm to give me a little more room in my tight foyer. A fun and unexpected bonus was that the spotlights that shine on our house for Christmas, illuminated the drops on the window. Any image in which you see warm-colored circle bokeh was made from shooting through the droplets.