Little Story Captures Your Family's Milestones by Andrea Moffatt

Real life is brimming with moments worthy of being captured and held close. But most of us rarely oblige. The annual smiling family photos line up on the living room wall, marking evidence of a full year's growth between each one. Portraits that prove there were birthdays celebrated, braces removed, babies turned toddlers. But images of those milestones? They are what's missing. When it comes to retelling the stories of the year past, we've only our memories on which to rely.

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Changes Coming This Fall by Andrea Moffatt

To say my teacher soul was satisfied at the end of my breakout in June would be an understatement. I had the opportunity to work with moms from all over the globe and together, we got to inquire into our own hearts. Why are we drawn to shoot what we do? (Hint: Nothing is random.) How do our past experiences and values leak into our personal photos?

So, when - right as I was about to put my feet up and enjoy a tall drink of something at the end of my breakout- I was offered another teaching opportunity, I didn't think long before taking it. I can't talk about it just yet, but I'll make the announcement as soon as all the parts are in place.

In order to continue writing and teaching, I need to make some extra space in my life. I will be eliminating some session types and continuing to shoot others at a much-needed price increase. Here are the changes you will see, beginning September 2017:

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Pittsburgh Family Photographer | What is Family Documentary Photography? by Andrea Moffatt

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you've probably heard me toss around the term, Family Documentary Photography. But what exactly is it? And why would anyone want to hire a Family Documentary Photographer? 

If you are loving life (most days anyways), have much for which you're thankful, and ever find yourself thinking, "I will miss this someday...", then very likely you should have your story told before it passes you by. 

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Taking Your Story on the Road, Pittsburgh Family Photographer by Andrea Moffatt

Meet the easy-going, friendly Ruttenberg family. When they suggested doing their mini Story of a Day session at Phipp's Conservatory near their Pittsburgh home, I was excited to shoot in that location. I loved tagging along as their exuberant toddler led me through some of his favorite rooms and exhibits in the historic greenhouses. The flowers, colors, and light were to die for that morning; together, they made the perfect backdrop to capture the Ruttenberg's special family bond. 

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What to Wear for Your Family Portrait Session by Andrea Moffatt

If you're reading this, then you've probably booked a one hour Family Portrait Session with Little Story Studio or are thinking about it. Hooray! I can't wait to work with your family and make you a beautiful gallery of memories. 

Usually, moms are the ones who take care of booking Family Portrait sessions. And usually, it goes the same way: Mom chooses photographer, inquires/emails with photographer, books session, and immediately begins fretting over what every member of the family will wear! I know, because I've been in the exact same boat. 

From mom to mom, let me help you!

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Documenting My Family on a Cloudy Beach Day by Andrea Moffatt

Before summer is gone, I wanted to share with you the story of a summer day with my family in the beautiful Outer Banks, NC. So often we associate summer with sun and clear skies. So much so, that when it rains or is overcast, we don't think to pull out our cameras. Our mindset for summer pictures can be so rigid, that it can cause us to miss a surprisingly beautiful, more unconventional story playing out before us. Here is the story of how one cloudy, rainy day at the beach became my favorite day of vacation pictures....

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Rock the Camera You've Got by Andrea Moffatt

Listen. We all have the very best of intentions. But life is big and messy and busy and we can't possibly master everything under the sun in our short time here. For me, it's sewing. How I would love to not just sew simple things but big, beautiful quilts! Photography falls into this category for most - many of us would love to learn every dial on our cameras, but as it turns out, it's not as easy as Step 1, Step 2, Step 3. Like any craft, it takes years and years to master (most say 10,000 hours +, if we want to get specific :-)). But luckily, 99.5% of us have a powerful, high quality and above all SIMPLE camera in our pockets and purses all the time! 

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No More Excuses: Family Documentary Myths Debunked by Andrea Moffatt

In April, I had the pleasure of stepping out from behind my camera and getting a turn to be the subject. This means that I got to actually be in the pictures with my kids, thanks to the lovely and talented Sue Keller Photography! Sue and I have been collaborating a lot lately around the idea of lifestyle and documentary photography because we are both have the same thing in common: we live in the same geographical area, and we want to convince YOU that you want (no NEED) unposed, real life, documentary style images of your family! 

To that end, we decided to photograph each other's families. Now I know exactly what it feels like to be on the other side of the lens in a Story of a Day session. And I know what it feels like to have all the concerns I hear from my own potential clients- because at some point during my session with Sue, they all crossed my mind! And so now, without a doubt, I can address the main worries (which are, by the way, all myths!) that I commonly hear about this type of in-home, moment-based photography. In no particular order they are: 

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What is YOUR Story? by Andrea Moffatt

Ever consider booking an in-home documentary photography session, only to put it on the back burner because you don't know what part of your life is interesting enough to photograph? It's something I hear again and and again: My life's just not that interesting.  To that I say, do any of these moments look familiar? Do any of these moments look like something worth holding photographing?

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5 shots for a Gloomy, Rainy Day + Tips by Andrea Moffatt

I'm big on challenging myself. When I'm feeling uninspired, when the light is less than ideal, when I don't feel like picking up my camera, a simple, self-issued challenge will sometimes snap me out of it.

The weather report for today and tomorrow is full of rain and clouds, I haven't taken a good picture in days, and all I want to do is drink coffee. Time for a challenge!

Here are 5 shots for a Gloomy, Rainy Day + ideas to keep you inspired on your less than inspiring days:

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