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Pittsburgh Family Photographer | What is Family Documentary Photography? by Andrea Moffatt

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you've probably heard me toss around the term, Family Documentary Photography. But what exactly is it? And why would anyone want to hire a Family Documentary Photographer? 

If you are loving life (most days anyways), have much for which you're thankful, and ever find yourself thinking, "I will miss this someday...", then very likely you should have your story told before it passes you by. 

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How to Shoot Playfully by Andrea Moffatt

When is the last time you took your camera out to play? When was the last time you shot for yourself? Not for your wall. Not for your family's memory book. Not for a client. When I spend some time shooting playfully, I feel like I just had a good belly laugh-- lighter, happier. Kind of the way I think my kids must feel when they play peacefully all morning in their pjs. 

No time, you say? Nothing to shoot, you say? 

Try these 3 tips for playful shooting:

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What You Get with a Little Story Portrait Session: Pittsburgh Family Photographer by Andrea Moffatt

Even though Little Story Studio specializes in documentary, unposed imagery, I still offer more traditional family photo sessions. These Family Portrait Sessions are a mix of lightly posed/photographer guided and unposed, playful photos that capture your family's unique personality. While I'm shooting, my aim is to tell the story of how you are when you're together. 

Every session is different and customized to you, but here are some of the shots that all sessions have in common.

When you book a Family Portrait Session with me, you get: 

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Saturday Afternoon at Home: A Documentary Session by Andrea Moffatt

I met the most easy-going, friendly family a couple weeks ago. We hung out at home, fed the ducks a few blocks away, and played in the front yard- all while entertaining some out of town family! Even though I only was there for a few hours, I feel like I know them well enough to say that these pictures are probably pretty representative of their life at home with two little ones. (And can I just say, I LOVE a house filled with books, and this house was one of those!)

Here are some of my favorite shots from the afternoon:

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The Art of Sticking With It by Andrea Moffatt

Well, I said I would keep my Lensbaby Sweet 35 on my camera for a week, and I did it! (It was hard, but I did it!) The lens has such a unique look that it was a real test to leave it on for all occasions and genres of shooting. On the other hand, what an awesome challenge that opened my eyes to possibilities I hadn't previously seen! 

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Your Priceless Little Story by Andrea Moffatt

Congrats! You are on a quest to find your perfect photographer and you have it narrowed down to a few you love. (That's a great first step, by the way- you should LOVE the work of your photographer. After all, how often do you style and pull the whole family together? Plus- you're going to be in the picture-- do a Happy Dance!) Back to your big choice: All things equal, you'd be satisfied with any of your top photographers. But of course, all things aren't equal. You notice that one of the photographer's price is more than double the others. Why, you ask, for an hours worth of the photographer's shooting time (and many more editing), would you pay more than double for this one? 

That photographer is probably me, and before you cross me off your list, I'd like to share with you why I'm priced the way I am. 

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Greensburg Photographer - March 10 on 10 project by Andrea Moffatt

My big news today? I patched together my first simple stop motion video! (Check it out below.) And I'm proud to announce that including shooting, editing, and posting, it took me under an hour. I might have found a new obsession! 

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Greensburg Family Photographer | Life in February by Andrea Moffatt

The darkest months of the year are now offically behind us! To anyone in the midst of a 366 project: you've done the hardest part! 

Our February wasn't filled with lots of sun, but it WAS full of pretending and snuggling, building and celebrating. My youngest turned 3, my oldest discovered the addictive nature of photography and video making. I spent the month feeling rather "blah" about shooting, but looking back at some of my favorite shots makes me realize it wasn't so bad. If I can do February, I can do any month! Last year March brought some of the best light of the year, and this year, I'll be embarking on a new adventure: film making! Bring it on!

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Pittsburgh Family Photographer | 80th Surprise Party by Andrea Moffatt

What a treat it was to spend the afternoon with the awesome, loving, and all-around fun Shorkey family! I told them, but I'll say it again: It is easy to make great pictures of families whose love is very apparent. This is the case with the Shorkeys. Whether it's through a giant hug, silly antics, or just a simple touch on the shoulder, love is easy to photograph and impossible to hide with this family. 

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Greensburg PA Family Photographer | 10 on 10 Project by Andrea Moffatt

Here are 10 images for the 10th of February. I couldn't have asked for a more ordinary February day in the life of a toddler and preschooler- a trip to the doctor's for an ear infection through the white, sparse canvas that is winter in Pennsylvania, lunch, stories before nap time, Valentine card crafting, indoor play, and stories before bed. It's ordinary (and cold!), but it's our life right now and I've pledged to look for the beauty in all of it.  

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