The Art of Sticking With It / by Andrea Moffatt

Well, I said I would keep my Lensbaby Sweet 35 on my camera for a week, and I did it! (It was hard, but I did it!) The lens has such a unique look that it was a real test to leave it on for all occasions and genres of shooting. On the other hand, what an awesome challenge that opened my eyes to possibilities I hadn't previously seen! For example, on the way to a picnic this week a GIANT grasshopper hitched a ride on our car hood and hung on the whole way to our destination. I was SO disappointed that I didn't have another lens (seriously-- I would've taken ANY other lens). But as it turned out, after several focusing attempts, I nailed it and got a picture I love! 

One thing I loved about the Lensbaby was its size. I took this coffee picture in public, but the camera didn't feel obtrusive at all. It was nice to carry such a little lens out in the neighborhood, where I normally hate schlepping my full frame with Sigma Art attached.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't going to take a break and put a more predictable lens back on my camera for a while. But this little exercise taught me that once again, if I do the hard thing, I will find hidden rewards in the form of new learning! Keep on moving forward, friends!