The Art of Sticking With It by Andrea Moffatt

Well, I said I would keep my Lensbaby Sweet 35 on my camera for a week, and I did it! (It was hard, but I did it!) The lens has such a unique look that it was a real test to leave it on for all occasions and genres of shooting. On the other hand, what an awesome challenge that opened my eyes to possibilities I hadn't previously seen! 

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My Day: Through the Lensbaby by Andrea Moffatt

Yesterday I blogged about how I found my center by freelensing all my photos for the day. I would've kept going, but today we went to the zoo. I've shot there so many times: I needed a challenge, but I wanted my lens securely attached to my camera-- not at the bottom of the lion pit! So I took a huge chance and packed only my Lensbaby with the Sweet 35 optic.

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