10 on 10

June 10 on 10 project by Andrea Moffatt

.... the light was just so irresistible and I felt inspired. And the day didn't let me down- from morning till the sun's last rays it was beautiful. The breeze made the light shimmer through the leaves and left patterns on the walls and floors. I've been a bit uninspired lately, but it's days like these that make me happy I have photography to capture this kind of beauty. Here is June 9th, 2016 (10 images + one video)

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Greensburg Photographer - March 10 on 10 project by Andrea Moffatt

My big news today? I patched together my first simple stop motion video! (Check it out below.) And I'm proud to announce that including shooting, editing, and posting, it took me under an hour. I might have found a new obsession! 

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Greensburg PA Family Photographer | 10 on 10 Project by Andrea Moffatt

Here are 10 images for the 10th of February. I couldn't have asked for a more ordinary February day in the life of a toddler and preschooler- a trip to the doctor's for an ear infection through the white, sparse canvas that is winter in Pennsylvania, lunch, stories before nap time, Valentine card crafting, indoor play, and stories before bed. It's ordinary (and cold!), but it's our life right now and I've pledged to look for the beauty in all of it.  

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10 images from a Snow Day | Greensburg Photographer by Andrea Moffatt

Even though I hadn't committed one way or another to another 10 on 10 project such as the one I did last year, I knew when I woke up Saturday to one of my favorite days of the year (Snow Day!) that there was no better day than today to document fully.  

So here are some highlights of the weekend storm, from our view. If you'd like to read more about each photo, click to enlarge and hover over the image. 

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