Greensburg PA Family Photographer | 10 on 10 Project / by Andrea Moffatt

Here are 10 images for the 10th of February. I couldn't have asked for a more ordinary February day in the life of a toddler and preschooler- a trip to the doctor's for an ear infection through the white, sparse canvas that is winter in Pennsylvania, lunch, stories before nap time, Valentine card crafting, indoor play, and stories before bed. It's ordinary (and cold!), but it's our life right now and I've pledged to look for the beauty in all of it.  

(Yes. Those are shorts. And yes, that's snow you see on the window. You choose your battles and this was not one of them.)

I think if we go more than about a week without seeing our pediatrician there is a some sort of sensor in each of them that triggers an illness so we can get back. Grocery store, school, library, doctor, repeat.

White on white on white.

Lunch followed by naptime- it's as daily as it gets. When it comes to both sleep and reading aloud, we are sticklers for routine. Thanks to my friend Sue of Sue Keller Photography for encouraging me to get in the frame! 

Speaking of naptime for our youngest, it's during this time of the day when my oldest and I get done all the things that require quiet, patience, and neat little piles. Sometimes we read from a chapter book, or follow directions for a lego building, or do a puzzle. I know he looks forward to what we'll do with this time every day and I'll definitely miss it when it's gone. 

Play before bedtime can get pretty out of control (shirts off, capes on) if we don't structure it a little. On this night I tried to tame the crazies with some block building and tent making. Neither lasted  long. But not to worry... we have a plan for that too. Early bath time! 

We have this cross stitch hanging in our hallway, and every night after my youngest gets his bath, he points to the letters while I dry his hair and tries to sing the alphabet. He has some "anchor" letters that he knows for sure, so if he gets to one and his voice isn't matching with his finger, he starts over. He hardly ever makes it the whole way to the end without my help, but the thing I find so interesting to watch are his disciplined self-corrections. Like all moms, I can't help but wonder what that might say about his future personality. And like all moms, I figure it means he'll turn out amazing. ;-) 

Sweet dreams! We'll do it all again tomorrow!