June 10 on 10 project / by Andrea Moffatt

I cannot tell a lie- I did this project one day early on June 9th because the light was just so irresistible and I felt inspired. And the day didn't let me down- from morning till the sun's last rays it was beautiful. The breeze made the light shimmer through the leaves and left patterns on the walls and floors. I've been a bit uninspired lately, but it's days like these that make me happy I have photography to capture this kind of beauty. Here is June 9th, 2016 (10 images + one video)

All the light coming through the windows is filtered through green, but somehow, I don't mind the color casts since it means summer is here to stay. Plus, I don't intend to be inside much!



We started early by taking advantage of the weather and heading to a local park with our bikes. 



Surely this doesn't apply to US? (playing the cute-little-kids card)



This little stream has definitely become "our spot". It's off the walking trail and in all our days visiting this trail, I've never seen anyone else stray off the path and down to the little dirt landing that juts up to a shallow part. It's the perfect place for the boys to throw stones and sticks and I love it because of the ever-changing dappled light.



Couldn't pass up the chance to photograph this puddle a little farther along the path where the boys were throwing pine cones. Aren't the rich colors breathtaking?



Pictures capture so much, but the way the light was shimmering and changing I had to take a few short video clips, which I've strung together here.



A short snack break for my tired bikers.



After lunch at home, we were headed straight back outside, lured by the sound of the neighbors playing in the street. It was one of those days that felt like a waste unless you were outdoors.



Neighbors browsing our shiny new Little Library. (I hope they all know how good they have it!)



The three girls practicing gymnastics moves and cheers with their shoes in the grass brought back so many memories of my own summers making up dance routines and putting on performances with my sister and neighbors. 



Sneaking a little more outside time once the kids were in bed so that I could suck up the last (and most beautiful part) of that summer light!