Greensburg Photographer - March 10 on 10 project / by Andrea Moffatt

greensburg family photographer pajamas and bare toes

It's March 10th and even though a couple days ago I wrote a post all about how stunning the light is this month, it wasn't so much today! For this 10th-of-the-month project I had to make due with dreary skies all day and not much natural light to work with.

My big news today? I patched together my first simple stop motion video! (Check it out below.) And I'm proud to announce that including shooting, editing, and posting, it took me under an hour. I might have found a new obsession! My Creating Time Capsules class with Xanthe Berkeley begins tomorrow (leave it to me to jump the gun by one day, but I just couldn't wait. Thanks, Youtube.) My video from today is a staggering 6 whole seconds. If you really want to be inspired, click on the above link to Xanthe's class and watch her gorgeous 1 minute Time Capsule video. I would seriously LOVE to be able to make something like that for my family. If it inspires you too, remember the class starts tomorrow- there's still time to sign up! 

greensburg family photographer breakfast and music

Before you think- "aw, how cute! He's eating and listening to some tunes at the same time!" The ugly reality is that he is blocking out his brother's choice of audio book. I'll take this over a yelling match, though!



greensburg family photographer boys looking out the window

Knock knock! Hey Mr. Chipmunk! Get out of our bird feeder!



greensburg family photographer boy at Jiffy Lube
greensburg family photographer boy at jiffy lube

Me and my sidekick getting the oil changed today at Jiffy Lube. In these kinds of situations my boys' differences really come out. My oldest used to be fascinated by the tools and the mechanics and how everything worked. When he tired of watching the mechanics, he used to sit on this same chair and name the specific models of vehicles as they drove past. My youngest will only watch the mechanic if I hold him because (and I quote) he "doesn't like his beard." And when he sits in the chair and I ask him what kinds of trucks he sees, he responds in colors. He definitely takes after his mommy! I love their unique personalities.


greensburg family photographer

Slurping down his you-waited-nicely-at-the-oil-place reward.



How I love my afternoon coffee. Go ahead and press play- I promise it's only 6 seconds even though it took me 45 minutes to make! 



greensburg photographer still life image of pussy willow

These are pussy willows from my mom's house. I'm trying to get these little guys to root. I can't wait for gardening season to begin!



greensburg family photographer dinnertime conversations

I enjoy that the boys are getting bigger and we are having conversations that involve everyone, even if sometimes it's just a game of "I spy."



greensburg family photographer boys handwriting

"Hey Sam, I think you need a behavior chart." Another example of sibling discord, as handled by a 5 year old. Again, this is preferable to sibling discord as handled by a 4 year old.