How to Shoot Playfully / by Andrea Moffatt

When is the last time you took your camera out to play? When was the last time you shot for yourself? Not for your wall. Not for your family's memory book. Not for a client. When I spend some time shooting playfully, I feel like I just had a good belly laugh-- lighter, happier. Kind of the way I think my kids must feel when they play peacefully all morning in their pjs. 

No time, you say? Nothing to shoot, you say? 

Try these 3 tips for playful shooting:

1. For a set amount of time, take your camera and one lens everywhere. I didn't leave my house with the intention of shooting these sunset images. I had my camera in my purse while my kids were at the playground and I happened to get lucky with a beautiful fall sky. 

2. Don't worry about missing what your kids are doing while you're playing. You have so many pictures of your children. Not shooting them for an evening will not harm your future memories. And most importantly, shooting for yourself will make you a better photographer for them.

3. Give yourself permission to mess up and/or try something new. After all, play is how we learn! 

Play is the highest form of research. - Albert Einstein