October Favorites, Pittsburgh Family Photographer / by Andrea Moffatt

Note: Last month, I promised that when I made a "favorites" post like this, I would be sure to share how many frames I shot to get these. Like many photographers in their busy season, I spent much of the month shooting for clients, so out of a total 1307 "keepers" shot this month, only 578 were personal. Therefore, keep in mind that these personal favorites are 31 out of 578-- that's only 5% of my family images. It doesn't come easy, friends!

Usually by this time in early November, I'm mourning the last of autumn's big show. Typically, at the beginning of November, the only leaves left to fall are our brown crunchy oak leaves. But not this year! We've enjoyed fall's vibrant colors throughout October and still have plenty on the branches to be thankful for now. As I culled through October's memories looking for my favorites, I told myself a story about this past month....

A story of light and shadow,

Of play and celebration,

Of nature's majesty and small every day blessings.

It's only the beginning of this month of gratitude and boy, am I feeling full.