Taking Your Story on the Road, Pittsburgh Family Photographer / by Andrea Moffatt

Meet the easy-going, friendly Ruttenberg family. When they suggested doing their mini Story of a Day session at Phipp's Conservatory near their Pittsburgh home, I was excited to shoot in that location. I loved tagging along as their exuberant toddler led me through some of his favorite rooms and exhibits in the historic greenhouses. The flowers, colors, and light were to die for that morning; together, they made the perfect backdrop to capture the Ruttenberg's special family bond. 

When I photograph a family away from their home, my process is very similar to an in-home session. It's never about the activity. (Although choosing a meaningful activity helps.) It's about capturing their connection and unique relationships. Those exist no matter where the family is! The trick for me as a photographer is to pay attention to the little gestures and symbols of love and document those. 

If you're a fan of storytelling photography, but you aren't sure about hosting the session in your home, consider your family's special interests and favorite places. There's always a way we can customize a session so that it shows what's really important!