Changes Coming This Fall / by Andrea Moffatt

To say my teacher soul was satisfied at the end of my breakout in June would be an understatement. I had the opportunity to work with moms from all over the globe and together, we got to inquire into our own hearts. Why are we drawn to shoot what we do? (Hint: Nothing is random.) How do our past experiences and values leak into our personal photos?

So, when - right as I was about to put my feet up and enjoy a tall drink of something at the end of my breakout- I was offered another teaching opportunity, I didn't think long before taking it. I can't talk about it just yet, but I'll make the announcement as soon as all the parts are in place.

mom and three girls at the playground

In order to continue writing and teaching, I need to make some extra space in my life. I will be eliminating some session types and continuing to shoot others at a much-needed price increase. Here are the changes you will see, beginning September 2017:

  1. Elimination of The (Semi-Posed) Family Portrait Session: I've been feeling the pull to do this for a while now. Taking this session out will leave ONLY the unposed, family documentary sessions that are close to my heart. You will still be able to book me for a Short Story (1-1.5 hours), but the session will be a documentary-style one. If you're unsure what I mean by family documentary, read this blog post about the genre. If you still don't think it's for you, I have a great network of local photographers who do beautiful posed work, so if you are in need of a referral, don't hesitate to ask! 

  2. Addition of Keepsake Home Movies for EVERY Session: This one will mean more work on my part, but I value my own home movies so much that I need every client to have one too. If you've ever taken a class with me, you know that I believe in the staying power of photos. But there are details that a movie can capture that photos simply cannot. Don't believe me? Watch this one, this one, and this one
  3. Price Increase for All Sessions: I've procrastinated on this one for way too long! But the truth is, my cost of business is extremely high and I must put a value on my time (travel + shooting + building a special home movie for each family + hand-editing every image). 

You can view all the sessions I'm available to shoot and their pricing, in effect in September, HERE

I'll leave you with more images from a recent session I did at a park. It was a Short Story and a beautiful one. Photo sessions like this could NOT be easier for moms and dads. It's as simple as: Let your kids play and I'll capture it. Everyone goes home happy. 

girls fixing their dresses with mom
sister watching as older sister hangs
little sister tries to hang on playground