365 Stories | June and July 2017 / by Andrea Moffatt

June and July 2017 were overflowing with life and more blessings than we could count. While I continued shooting every day, I was mindful to put my camera down a lot in order to be present in the moment. When we make this choice, we must also be more selective about when we do choose to shoot. What memories do we want to keep? And within those memories, what precise moment will it be? My decision to click the shutter at a particular moment in time - not the one before or after - offers a window into my values, my life experiences, and my soul. That's what my June breakout was about, and so it's been more on my mind this summer than ever. 

Our stories really do make us... not the other way around. 

"Our stories are the Tellers of us." - Chris Cleave