Storytellers Blog Circle | February 2017 / by Andrea Moffatt

This post is one of several in a monthly educational blog circle made up of storytelling photographers and Offset artists. After you read how I shot my storytelling image for the month, click to the next artist at the bottom of my post and follow the circle the whole way around. Enjoy!

ISO 500, f/2, ss1/250

I shot this image with my new Fuji x-t2 mirrorless and a 23mm 1.4 lens. I'm in love with this camera for shots like this! First, it can fit right in my regular (small!) purse for times where I'm out and about with the boys and don't want to pack my large camera bag or load it into the backpack. At the restaurant table, my new little buddy was so indiscreet, that getting a shot like this was quick and unnoticed. 

You can probably tell that an image like this is all about perspective. I set my camera on the table and, using a low aperture, shot through all the layers on the table. I purposely framed him so that he would be on the right hand third of the image, because I wanted him to look like just another thing at the table: glass, salt shaker, boy, glass... 

In situations where I'm shooting through other objects, I usually manually focus so that the camera knows what plane it is on which I wish to focus. I manually focused on him, and then I waited for a moment. With this child, I don't usually have to wait long- he is full of silly faces and absurd actions. I got this shot and the one pictured here on the right. I choose the one I did because, while the second shot is funny too, when he sat up higher on his knees he was no longer tightly framed by the items on the table. Also, I really wanted the fork to be noticeable in the final image and in this second shot it blends in more with the darker background.

Maybe I should spend less time thinking about good composition and more time thinking about good table manners for my 3 year old! But then what would I photograph? ;-) 

Remember that this post is just a part of our educational Storytellers Blog Circle.

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