Story of Today: First Snow Play of 2016 | Greensburg Photographer / by Andrea Moffatt

Finally. We were beginning to think the snow would never visit our little spot on the map. As soon as it began to fall, the kids' noses were plastered to the windows. I held them off as long as I could, but to no avail. I bundled them up till you could only see their squished faces and we out in the 18 degree cold. 

I'd have loved to get more images of The Bundle Up, but.... well, have you ever bundled up two little jumping-bean boys?


While we waited for snow the last few weeks, Ezra Jack Keats The Snowy Day has been on rotation. For some reason, his favorite part is when Peter makes tracks in the snow by dragging his feet. The first thing he did when he got outside was drag his feet all across the yard, periodically looking back over his shoulder to check his tracks. Yup! Just like the book.

"Sledding" without a hill. Somehow still fun.

And oh so much eating of snow. Both my kids have always cited this as their favorite snow activity. Yet somehow, plain ice for dessert is not acceptable?

Double snow angels - I couldn't ask for anything more on this first (hopefully of many) snow days!