Greensburg Photographer | Spring Photowalk / by Andrea Moffatt

The backstory: You may remember that last year I made a goal to shoot more with my lensbaby sweet 35 so I could get quicker with manual focus and manipulating the quirks of the lens. I shot everything (indoors and out) with it for a few weeks and only made a few images at that time that I loved, despite taking hundreds of frames. By the end of that personal challenge, I could pretty quickly and accurately manually focus. And then? I put the lens away and pretty much didn't get it out until yesterday! 

So, fast forward about 9 months- last night, my friend, my oldest son, and I went for a walk last night on an absolutely beautiful night in downtown Greensburg PA. I decided to only bring my lensbaby because I was in the mood for something different. In stark contrast to when I was learning 9 months ago, this time, I took about 100 shots and kept about 90! 

When I looked at my card after the walk, there were many images I loved, but more than anything, I mostly felt so satisfied. I had identified a weakness, practiced it till I was sick of it, put it away until inspiration struck, and it actually paid off! 

What lens, tricky light, or compositional challenge is hanging over your head? And when and how will you conquer it?