twin lakes park

Carving Out Quiet for Composition Work by Andrea Moffatt

Have you arrived at that point in your photography journey where you find yourself confident in your technical skills, but not consistently happy with your artistic skills? Good composition is a skill you must strengthen by daily practice. But it can be stressful to practice it during a paid photo session or when you are in a familiar, cluttered environment, such as your house. 

In the past, I've recommended photo walks for relaxation, breaking out of a rut, and new learning. (Yes- I really like photo walks!) Now, I'm going to suggest another reason to take your camera and hit the road. 

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On Bravery and New Learning by Andrea Moffatt

This week, the boys and I met a friend at Twin Lakes Park in Westmoreland County, PA for a leisurely walk and bike around the lakes + photo practice. My talented and driven friend is learning photography - she has just reached the point where she can confidently shoot in manual, and so I thought, what better way for her to practice than on my energetic 3 and 5 year old? Like any kids, they don't stop and wait for you to change your settings and they certainly don't oblige your light preferences. 

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